Bonstanceus or B-Chan (jyeshtha) wrote in fl_001_c,
Bonstanceus or B-Chan

Tampa Camarilla LARP Announcement

What: Vampire Requiem - VSS: A House Divided
When: Saturday, December 3, 2005
Check In: 7:00 PM
Game On: 8:00 PM
Where: ROOM 106 in the MARSHALL CENTER at USF
VST: Jason Saice ( )

VSS and directions can be found on the domain website.

Questions can be sent to the VST's e-mail address. We look forward to seeing everyone come out and join us.

Info on what a LARP is can be found here.

Interested in more information about the Camarilla can be found here.

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Tags: camarilla, larp, vtr
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