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Camarilla Info

What is the Camarilla?
The Camarilla is an international organization focusing on Live Action Role Play (LARP) as well as literary, charity, and social activities. Recognized as White Wolf's official fan club, the Camarilla is international known for its continuous LARP event that spans several thousand members, with more than just this single event - we are committed to member involvement and expanding member creativity and talents. Many groups host activities to improve member role-play, storytelling, acting, writing, leadership skills and more.

History of the Camarilla
The Camarilla began early in the 1990's as an independent troupe game in the Seattle, Washington area. Over the following years, it grew, and became affiliated with other troupe games around the country as a way of maintaining the same characters & story when visiting other games. Pretty soon, it became such a large cooperative effort that it was recognized nationally and had garnered the support of White Wolf studios directly. Since its humble origins, the Camarilla has grown to several thousand members around the world, and has come to include more than mere gaming. In 2002, White Wolf Studios formally began administering the club, and has continued to expand their supper of the club and its members.

Charity Work
The Camarilla and its members also support a wide range of community and humanitarian efforts such as Habitat for Humanity, wildlife shelters, and the American Red Cross. We also encourage our members to pursue efforts in their local community on a regular basis. The club isn't only about having fun and exploring our imaginations, but also exploring and improving the world around us.

International Contacts
The Camarilla is active in a number of countries around the world, allowing our actors the opportunity to travel overseas with the same persona, and interact on a regular basis with people of similar interests around the globe. While each affiliated country is independently managed, they remain devoted to promoting interaction and community amongst all our members. Many countries will even accept and encourage participation with actors form other areas. If you plan to travel abroad or would like more information on a specific country, feel free to email:

Though the Camarilla supports a variety of games based around the White Wolf's World of Darkness the only active venue in the Tampa Bay area is our Vampire the Requiem and our Mage The Awakening game held every other opposite Saturdays at USF.

Please contact the Chapter Coordinator for more information.

Other current venues nationwide include Werewolf the Forsaken and Mortals.

Fairly new to the Camarilla purview is our tabletop venue which covers all of our existing LARP venues but in tabletop format.

Now that we have your attentions let's talk cost. Yearly memberships are only $20 and can be obtained via the Camarilla or White wolf website.

Currently you may obtain a six-month free trial membership. What are you waiting for? Go get one and join us. We'll keep a spot open for you.

Additional Info
For more information on the club, its member, and activities, go to:

or contact our Chapter Coordinator
Bonnie Zabytko - Chapter Coordinator FL-001-C
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