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Tampa Camarilla LARP Announcement

What is The Feast of the Dead anyway... Is it where the dead come together to feast? Is it a feast on the dead? Is it not a feast at all? Enter the night with questions and leave with an experience...

What: Vampire Requiem - VSS: A House Divided
When: Saturday October 22, 2005
Check In: 7:00 PM
Game On: 8:00 PM
Where: ROOM 106 in the MARSHALL CENTER (Indoor Location)
VST: Jennifer Kooken ( )

CHALLENGE: Come to game with one goal to keep you busy for the night ! Didn't accomplish your last goal? How can you succeed this time?

VSS and directions can be found on the domain website

Note: The directions are slightly different from the website once on campus. There are signs on campus that direct you to the MARSHALL CENTER.

Questions can be sent to this the VST's e-mail address above. We look forward to seeing everyone out.

Info on what a LARP is can be found here.

Interested in more information about the Camarilla can be found here.

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