Bonstanceus or B-Chan (jyeshtha) wrote in fl_001_c,
Bonstanceus or B-Chan

Tampa Camarilla LARP Announcement

What: Vampire Requiem - VSS: A House Divided
When: Saturday, December 3, 2005
Check In: 7:00 PM
Game On: 8:00 PM
Where: ROOM 106 in the MARSHALL CENTER at USF
VST: Jason Saice ( )

VSS and directions can be found on the domain website.

Questions can be sent to the VST's e-mail address. We look forward to seeing everyone come out and join us.

Info on what a LARP is can be found here.

Interested in more information about the Camarilla can be found here.

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Tags: camarilla, larp, vtr
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Wellllll crap. I would have to make plans already for this Saturday night.

Is this a regular, every two weeks or every 4 weeks game? Or is it scheduled whenever?

I would hope to put it on my calendar in advance so I can plan around it and come get my vampire on.
The Tampa Vampire Requiem Game is every other Saturday (with a couple of exceptions). Then new Mage Awakening Game happens on the opposite Saturday's every other week. We apparently have a Changling Game (Old World of Darkness setting as WW will not be bringing this venue forward to the new system) but I'm unsure about the game schedule… I'll have to ask the VST Ron to give me a working schedule. I'll occasionally post games from neighboring Domains to help them promote their games and to let people know in our area about games outside if they want to travel.

Example of Current games for December Games for Tampa.
Image hosted by
You are the bestest! Thanks! Still struggling with the character creation, but that's no big whoop. I just hate having to flip back and forth between the Requiem book and the WOD book. That and I'm not big on math and details, I just like to RP :>

Too bad someone hasn't invented a website where you could just go and answer a few questions and it would spit out a perfect character sheet.
you and me both hun... lol... I just did a re-write on my main character (just got it approved). I was unfamiliar with the new system and my character was a bit lopsided in some areas...