Bonstanceus or B-Chan (jyeshtha) wrote in fl_001_c,
Bonstanceus or B-Chan

Camarilla Requiem Featured Game of the Month (Tampa, FL)

It’s the Lunar New Year, most commonly known as Chinese New Year but we are throwing a Tet party, the Vietnamese version. This is the time of celebration and renewal and a time to pay your debts or forgive the debts of others to you. It’s a time to pay homage to your ancestors and elders and to lavish gifts upon the young. May luck be with you as the year of the Rooster ends and the Year of the Dog begins.

Cassandra Nguyen


What: Featured Requiem Game of the Month (Tampa, FL)
When: January 28th, 2006 (Location and Directions soon to follow)

Please contact Jason Saice at for details and questions.

Bonnie Zabytko
Chapter Coordinator
Scarlet Sin (FL-001-C)
Tags: game announcement, larp, requiem, vtr
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