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Camarilla Requiem LARP for (FL-034-D) Bay of Tears: A House Divided

IC Invite:

OOC Info:
VSS: A House Divided
Web Link:
VST: Jason Saice -
When: Saturday, July 1, 2006
Check-In: 7:00 pm
Game: 8:00 pm to Midnight
University of South Florida
Fine Arts Building
Tampa, FL 33620

Directions to USF can be found on our web link and here is a quick map of the campus.

Please click on the links for infor mation on what a LARP is or what the Camarilla is.

Okay. Since we are still in an outdoor site a couple of suggestions
for people wishing to pimp out for prestige pointage.

  • Fans (plus extension cords so we can plug said fans into outlets)

  • Water and sodas

  • Cooler (I’m bringing one cooler but a second one couldn’t hurt)

  • Ice (for coolers)

Also, remember that the SouthEast Regional Charity Drive begins July 1st. I will be collecting school supplies for REGIONAL prestige starting this weekend (July 1st). Breakdown of items and their worth are below (Max of 30pts for the month):

  • Rulers, glue sticks, box of 8 crayons, single subject notebook, colored file folders = 1R

  • Packs of pens, pencils, loose leaf paper, box 24 crayons, markers, hand cleaner = 2R

  • Large binder notebooks, ream of paper, art sets, dry erase boards, backpacks = 3R

School supplies will be delivered to local schools in the area so if anyone knows of a specific school in desperate need of supplies let me know; otherwise I’m going to choose random schools in the area to drop off supplies. I want to hit as many as possible.

Bonnie Zabytko (US2005023013)
Chapter Coordinator
Scarlet Sin (FL-001-C)

Tags: camarilla, larp, requiem, white wolf, world of darkness
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