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What is a LARP?

Live Action Role Play, usually abbreviated as LARP, is an extension of the more common tabletop role-playing game. That being said LARP tends to be quite different from traditional tabletop gaming as is best described as improvisational theatre - a play where you are an actor who creates the script of the story by taking actions and making presentations. Because of its theatrical nature, LARP is more accessible to a much larger audience than many role-playing games. Players need to know far less about the role and mechanic of the game though they must be more willing to become an actor and present the embodiment of the character they are trying to portray.

Our most successful actors are those that can present intimidation, fear, or pleasure simply with their tone of voice or facial expression. It is a stimulating challenge for every level of player, with little to no preparatory experience required. The most embellished characters, however, do require a fuller understanding of the backdrop of White Wolf's World of Darkness. Reading related material helps all participants flesh out their characters, making them more than a simple description but a full multidimensional figure existing in this culture. The details of these fictional societies and atmosphere can be gained from the White Wolf source books (sold at most comic, gaming, and hobby stores).
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